Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Last Party of Two

We decided to drop all house/baby work for one weekend and head down to the houseboat for a quick getaway.  We were blessed with awesome weather and pure relaxation.  I got caught up on mad amounts of sleep as the water rocked the boat back and forth like a cradle.  It was such a sweet treat to have time with my husband laughing, talking, and enjoying eachothers company without worrying about things that need to be done.  Much of our time was spent cuddled on the couch watching basketball as March Madness was kicking off and our Kentucky Wildcats hit the floor in the SEC tournament.  What a fun way to spend a weekend!

Hard to believe that was the last time we will ever head to the lake without having a stroller in tow.  :) 
Sunday we stopped by my parents for an impromptu party as my mom called it.  The whole fam was there to eat lunch together and cheer on the CATS.  What a weekend!  :)

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