Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Super Hero Dad Who Loves Us

Baby Henry,
Your Daddy loves us so much.  Of course you probably have heard me say that before, but the last few days he has been a super hero of sorts.  Hanging on to questions and few answers given by our doctors each day has surely been an emotional/mental strain for him, but you wouldn't know it.
He has spent each day right here with us, not wanting to leave our side.  I know you like it when he talks to you through the belly button microphone.  He sleeps on the little make shift bed next to us each night and during the day does anything he can to make us feel better and more at ease.

Since mommy hadn't packed our bags yet this has involved him going home each day to have a scavenger hunt.  He reads and follows instructions such as "get waterproof mascara, the pink tube not the gold one, in the third clear plastic drawer under the makeup brushes, on the bottom shelf of the bathroom closet".
He picked out mittens, hats, and onesies for you to wear (of course he threw in some UK gear).  He has also worn his super hero cape to stores that are typically despised by most men, like BuyBuyBaby where he purchased girly things such as a diaper bag and belly butter.  :)  He bought you sheets that he then took home and washed so you would have a clean place to sleep when we get home. 

The best thing your Daddy does is let us know how much he loves us.  He's always telling us how much we mean to him and touching us to make us feel good.  He prays with us daily in such a strong way.
Your dad can't wait to meet you Sweet baby boy.  (and your mommy can't either)  :)  Your so loved.

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