Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What They've Learned This Month

In the past month I have completely rocked my parents world.   Though I'm a little guy, I sure have taught them a lot.  This is what they've learned so far.

I taught mommy it's OK to cry.  
A lot.  
Just because your happy.  
This is what her shirt looked like after reading my first book to me, Guess How Much I Love You.
 I showed them that even the tiniest hands can be strong and powerful.
I showed Daddy that I am a champion eater and burper!
I taught them it's OK to just sit, be still, and enjoy moments.
                                           I showed them that babies can snore really loud.
 I taught them to see the changes big and small that happen every day. 
 I taught them to always keep their eyes open for what's coming next.  (Especially when changing diapers)
 I showed Mom you can literally hold the world in the palms of your hands.
 I taught them that sleep is precious stuff.  So take it when you can get it.

 I showed them life is to short to be crabby about anything or towards anyone. 
 "I taught my Dad that time CAN stand still, and that everything else in life will wait if you ask it to."-BC
 I taught them not to sweat the small stuff.
 I showed them that I look really grown up when you add pants to the wardrobe. 
I showed them you can teach an old dog new tricks.

I showed them just how squeaky their hardwood floors are, and that tiptoeing is the new way to walk.
 I showed them all my sweet sides, and when they thought they had found their favorite part of me I made them change their mind and showed them another.   

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