Friday, May 11, 2012

Foto Reel Friday-Where did this week go?

This week has gone by super quick.  He has plumped up quite a bit and is moving out of his itty bitty NB onesies. 

 We have enjoyed being outside in this gorgeous weather.
 We have become a lot more alert!

 He had sweet lil' Reagan come visit one day.  :)
 We have cuddled in the big people bed in the mornings when nothing else soothes us.  :)

 Even through exhausted eyes I have found that it's hard to put him back in his crib at night.  He's just so sweet and peaceful to hold against my cheek.  I have a new routine of laying him down and then smooshing my face against the crib to look at him for a bit longer before tip toeing back into bed. 

The biggest event of our week included a baby polo that put mommy into tears. 

Yep, pretty much looks like he should be driving a car here.  So I have made a very important decision to keep him in nothing but onesies until he's at least 14. 

Happy Friday!  I'm excited for my first Mother's Day weekend as a mommy.  Hope you all have a great one too! Word to ya motha!

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