Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Repreve for a Downtaholic

Are you a suffering Downtaholic?  The first step towards recovery is admitting your problem. 

In our house we aren't to dedicated to many shows on tv, especially since the arrival of lil' man.  However, we decided to start season 1 of Downton Abbey on Netflix, and became like many others, hooked.  I know, we're a little late to join this band wagon but just in case you're like us and hadn't checked it out I highly suggest watching season 1 and and 2 before September when season 3 starts up.  
We just finished up season 2 last night and I'm sad we have to wait so long to see more.  The show has inspired me to do something I'm not usually into.  
Yes, I read blogs, magazines, twitter but reading a book just usually isn't my thing unless it's been forced upon me by a professor.  
Enter Downton Abby Literature.  :)
I spotted these three gems at Joseph Beth Booksellers and my eyes lit up.  
The true story of Highclare Castle where the show is filmed.  It focuses on the life of the countess who reigned there for so long.  
 A fictional story with lots of similarities to the Downton story. 
A memoir from a kitchen maid that supposedly inspired that story line in Downton.
Which one I will choose?  Not sure yet, but I'll let you know how it goes and what I think of them when I do......My guess is whichever one can be downloaded onto my iPad will win.  :)

Anyone else having Downton withdraws?

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