Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy 1 Month Birthday HTC!

Happy 1 month Birthday Henry Thomas Cooper!
May 2, 2012

The minutes slide into hours, hours slide into days and here I sit looking at you our month old baby boy.  You have given our lives new definition and I have never been so thankful.  I feel like I'm in constant prayer these days as you amaze my tiny human brain in ways that can only make me stop, look up and say "Glory Be 2 God!"  I am overwhelmed with happiness at least once a day to the point of tears.   (something that was so foreign to me before).  You have made your Mommy and Daddy realize just how short and precious life is and my oh my do we cherish every moment we are given now. 
Once covered in wrinkly skin, your arms and legs now have a growing layer of baby pudge that I can't stop kissing.  
Your Dad and I have noticed that you actually are a noticeable little thing to carry the last few days, and I appreciate the arm work out!  Keep up that great eating baby boy!
You are starting to notice things.  Your eyes are now focusing on things you find intriguing and it lights up our world when that focus falls to our faces.  :)
You are no longer sleeping every minute of the day.  And we like seeing those big bold eyes!
You discovered that baths aren't so terrible after all, if only you didn't have to get out of the water.  I discovered that baby bath time is the best thing ever for all the warm smelly good cuddles I get to steal afterwards.  :)
You let me know that the greatest thing I'll ever do in this life is be your mom.  What a privilege.
We look forward to this next month little boy.  Can't wait to see what you have in store for us.  I'm sure it will all be a great surprise, but one thing is for sure; we will love you more each day than the day before.  My cup runeth over!  

Your oh so Proud Mommy

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