Friday, May 4, 2012

Talk Derby 2 Me

It's that time of year in the bluegrass that everyone in the world loves!  Derby!!!!!!
Loved this pic from a few years ago. (BK) Before kids.  :)  With Two Scoops For Me

If you've never been to a horse race you don't understand what it's like to feel the thundering excitement of the crowd build on the largest scale crescendo known to man, as the horses float around the track.  The smells.  The sounds.  The feeling.  


Today is Oaks day!   Where all of the fillies are racing and the color of the day is pink!  
In honor of Derby tomorrow and the fact that I am now a mommy I thought I'd share a fun kids craft.  Of course if you're going to Derby you better be sporting a hat, and in my opinion you should where one wherever you are.  So why not let your kids make their own big fun Derby hat?  Our kindergarten students do this every year at school and it's simply darling.  While searching for a tutorial I stumbled across this great one over at HenryHappened!  (Nope I'm not making this up, and yes I will now be following this great lil' blog) 
Image courtesy of
Of course you could paint the newspaper, add glitter, or use colored paper to start with.  


And for the little men in your life why not make a bowler hat out of paper? Video tutorial here.

We will be watching the Derby from our home this year and will teach Lil' Henry Thomas about Mint Juleps, picking a horse, and having fun whether you win or not.  :)  
Hope you are planning on watching the fastest two minutes in sports!  

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