Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Four Day Fabulous

Our four day weekend was spent with friends and family packing in as much fun and downtime as possible.  
Barry took off Friday so Henry and I had super bonus time with him.   B was so happy this included sleeping with little Henry on his chest more than once.  Such sweetness.
 We grilled out with Barry's  Mom, Dad and brother.  There was a lot of baby Oogling and yummy grill happenings.  

We took Henry on his first trip out of town up to Louisville to visit with friends and shower Mrs. Whitney Thompson, soon to be new mommy. 
 We looked at this face.......A LOT!
 It was so hot here that we had no choice but to let him hang out in his diaper after bath time.  :)  Oh Darn!

 We ended Memorial Day with a impromptu cookout at Alison and John's.  The Edwards got to relax with friends as they wait out the next two weeks for the arrival of their sweet lil' boy Locke.

 Woods entertained us all with his sweet laugh and adorable personality. 
It was a wonderfully spent weekend, and we are so thankful for the men and women who fight for our freedom.  


  1. We actually got three full days with AC too, love all the family time that was had!

  2. lovely blog! you're such a beautiful momma :) found you via 5ohwifey! xo