Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Top Ten -Music Style

Today I'm linking up for the LOVE OF MUSIC!   So much fun.  Mom2MemphisandRuby are at it again with their Tuesday#10.  Join up for the fun!


1. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You.  Sweet baby Henry
2. Coldplay- Paradise.
I am pretty sure I have found mine in my little family.

3. Who doesn't love Jimmy Buffet?  Takes me away to water somewhere.  This is my favorite Parrothead song.

4. Coldplay Clocks.  Probably my favorite song ever.
5. Lionel Richie- Dancin on the ceiling.
This takes me back to childhood.  Laying on my back in the living room with my sisters, feet in the air as we "danced on the ceiling".  

6. Beirut-Postcards from Italy 
Takes me back to our trip to Italy.  A place I knew I would love before we went and since being there I dream of going back.  There is something about that place that feels a part of me.  Even though I'm not Italian. :)
7. Tom Petty- Learning to Fly
Reminds me of life, Flying with my Dad, and literally trying to learn to fly.
8.  Coldplay Fix You.  Hmmm can you tell this is my fave band?  To me this song has a very personal and Christian feel to it.  I think of the day when "lights will guide me home", and the fact that God has already "fixed me" with the blood of his son Jesus Christ.
9.  Radiohead- Reckoner.  This song is just 100% wonderful music.  I have listened to this on repeat more times than I can count.

10. Snow Patrol- Chasing Cars.  Barry and I had a whirlwind of a romance from the beginning that brought us to walking down the isle after knowing each other 10 months.  This is our song, and the song we had our first dance to.


  1. Oh my so many good ones. i lov Tom Petty, Coldplay, rado Head and Lauren Hill. Great post and awesome song choices. Love your blog just joined it from