Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Handsome Mess

Sometimes he just wants to be held.  
He doesn't need a paci.  
He doesn't want his crib, rocknplay, or swing. 
So on these days I may not get to unload the dishwasher all in one setting.  We may do it piece by piece over a few hours.  

I may have to sweep the house with an extra 8+ pounds in my arms. 
Our kitchen island becomes a drop off location for all the household misfits.
Our bed gets half made, and is transformed into a baby feeding station.

The pile of clothes to launder grows and the pile to fold stands still. 
So what.
When people come over I'm really good at doing the shov and hide routine.  :)  
Cause for now all that matters is spoiling this baby with cuddles while I can.  The day when he is too big to want to be held will come quicker than I can imagine.  So I'm hanging on to today, along with all the dust bunnies and raging yard weeds that come with it. 


  1. I hear ya girl, same thing over here. The best days are the ones when you stay home all day and just cuddle!

  2. Looks like the perfect life to me! Excited for your sweet time with your new baby boy. He's a doll.

  3. ....and, you love every bit of it! :)) Thanks for linking this to the Mommy Brain Mixer!!