Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Strolling along.

Henry's new favorite activity....ok maybe it's Mommy's new favorite is to go on walks.  I had a fear of the stroller and honestly leaving the house on my own with him for the first little bit. 
I broke the ice last week with our first outing to go check out a little children's boutique sale just down the road from us.  Karen (Gran) met us out there for his first shopping trip and Alison and Woods stopped by to look at all the cute smockness going on too.  

I'm not gonna lie I was proud.  I put him in the car seat, put car seat in the car, drove 10mph to the store, got him out of the car, put car seat on stroller, pushed stroller and then got us home safely.  :)  It was one small step I know but it was big in my lil momma book.
We then took our new stroller buddy on a walk with auntie Sarah who stopped by on Friday for a little jaunt around the neighborhood.  (Kman came too.  :)

Yesterday we packed up once more for a walk at the arboretum.  We met up with Nami and 5 month old Kiran.  :)  It was a beautiful day for a walk and everything blooming was wrapped in an 82 degree breeze that swirled the sweet smells of flowers and baby breath around our heads.
 Sweet baby toes in the grass.......Can't beat it!

We are starting to get the hang of this stroller thing.  :)

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  1. Look at you utilizing the stroller! Can't wait to join you on the mommy thing ;)