Friday, May 4, 2012

Photo Reel Friday!

Photo Reel Friday!

This was one of the many moments from our week where this crazy in love momma couldn't stop snapping that shutter button.

A little week cap in pictures.... Oh the fun that we had!

A visit from his Great Granny and Pepaw

This little thigh is chubbin out and I just wanna take a bite of it's cuteness.

Fun night after Daddy got home from work.

Yeah I can hold Sophie. 

Auntie Sarah loves me.

Mommy showing me the pretty Irises in the yard.

Boy he has no choice but to be a handsome young man if he takes after his Dad!

My new sous chef.  Cooking dinner has never been so fun.  We had a lovely playlist going of Sufjan Stevens and the smell of sweet mango being sliced.

Cousin Noah came to visit me and tried out my high chair for me.  :)

Milk Coma

More Milk coma

Stretching it out.  Almost to big for my preemie sleepers now! 

Yep I'm starting to fill these onesies out!  What do ya think about it?

How was your week?  Happy Friday Folks!

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