Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hugo's There?

Showering Kate and Chris with some baby Hugo love.

We had a lil' get together at the house last night for the Beautiful Kate and her precious baby.  She is so ready to meet him, and I'm so ready for Henry to have another fabulous little baby boy to make coo noises with soon! 
 We also discovered a new baby shower game to play.  It's called get someone paper pregnant.  This baby grew with each gift that was unwrapped.  :)  Kinda fun no?  I think it will be a new shower staple.  Thanks LaLa for making us smile.  You're gonna be missed our little Texas Queen.



  1. I always have fun playing games they have at baby showers. It sounds like you had a fabulous time with your friends. Beautiful photos of all of you. You all look amazing!

  2. found your blog over at 5ohwifey! your post was great :) i have two little boys myself, so i totally relate. did that just rhyme?! haha newest follower here!

  3. hi there. just visting you from 5ohwifeys page!! isnt she the best? so nice to be introduced to new bloggers (new to me) through all the networking!! =)