Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wow I'm so glad it's a Thursday night, but I really wish we were getting another 3 day weekend....there is truly too much basketball for this little teacher to take tonight.

The last two days have been rough. Grad school has consumed my life from the moment I leave work till the time I sleep. My final paper is proving to be more difficult than it should be due to the adjustments of a new MAC user and a professor who is a little bit more than difficult.
I am getting excited for our trip to California. I made a few reservations for dinner tonight, and reserved our tour guide in Napa. Alison had some gat tips tonight too, and I'm really excited for the drive up the Big Sur, and just breathing in all the secret sites we might find!
I'm already nervous for tomorrows game against Ohio State, how can they be good in Basketball too???
Today was full of sweet moments with my kids:
Anna getting confused on show and tell day, and hiding her two turtles in her cubby all day.
Showing my first graders there little plants bursting through the soil we planted them in.
Seeing my 5th graders growth in writing and their excitement for their future.
Goodnight World!

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