Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring in Kentucky

What a great day! We slept in a little bit and then started preparing for a 12:00 game, UK vs. West Virginia. Granny and Pepaw were coming over to watch the game on the TV outside, and we got a call from Katie saying her and Elise were coming too and would be stopping to get Sarah. I ran to the store to pick up some quick snacks and fixings for lunch, while Barry set up the TV and chairs outside. We watched the first half outside and had to move our chairs to the sun. The breeze was strong and much cooler than yesterday so we ended up moving downstairs for the second half. The CATS were able to pull out another barn burning win, and we were so happy to see these guys beat Huggins team. It was so great to spend a day with my sisters and grandparents. Of course, Elise was an entertainer and competed for all of our attention during the game. :) What a sweetie.
After the game Barry and I made yet another trip to HD to get enough sand to fill our little adult sandbox. Barry started laying the sand and placing bricks, while I clipped all of our Ivy.....yuck! I saw more dead bugs and dusty crud than I believe I ever needed to. I love having the ivy there but it is a chore to take care of the three four times a year we have to trim it.
The three of us were completely exhausted by the end of the night. Keightley laid in the same position on the couch in the living room by himself for about two hours. We made a refreshing dinner together, and were able to grill outside. We watched some great basketball games, Butler and BYU pulled out amazing wins to get to the sweet 16. I had some graduate work to do, and Barry caught up on even more basketball after dinner before we retreated to the bed around 11:00......Wow we might be getting old! :)

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