Friday, March 4, 2011

The work heavy.

What a month this has been for my students! Between deportations of students parents and the life threatening dangers that come with it, the news of a sweet student moving back to Mexico, and a student with a parent leaving for Mexico so he can die with his family...... I have quite a heavy heart for them right now. It is so frustrating to see what some students have to go through in their external environment. How can we expect them to be focused on academics when they are faced with decisions and burdens that most adults don't even experience. I pray for their hearts to be lifted, so that they can skip, jump, learn and play the way they are meant to. They teach me something every day, and definitely know how to make me laugh (though many times unintentionally).
I came home from work to try and knock out this paper. Though that thought was a little ambitious I did manage to put a good portion of it into play and will be ready to finish up tomorrow. We had a great date night at Bellini's around 8:30. I ran into an old friend from the ski team, Katherine Wheeler and was able to catch up with her a bit. Laura and a friend of hers dropped in for a second to say hi as they were walking by and found our paths crossing. Our meal was delicious, and we enjoyed a bottle of wine from Friolia, Italy. Taking the time to slow down and enjoy each other, our conversations, laughs, and looks never lose their delight.
Welcome to the weekend!

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