Thursday, March 3, 2011

GNO on a Thursday

Today I began tutoring a new student from another elementary school. She's super sweet and should be a joy to work with. We met at the Eagle Creek library and while there, I ran into two students I had last year. :) It was great to see there sweet faces and amazing how much they had grown both physically and linguistically.
After tutoring I came home to see Barry and Keightley and change into some comfortable clothing. Then it was off to Bar Louie for some girl time with a lil' Southern El crew consisting of Toni, Laura, Stacey, Susan, Stephanie R, Katie, and Jen. Toni had told us the comedian Hal Sparks(from I love the 80's) was coming to Comedy off Broadway, and organized our fun little gathering. While at Bar Louie I ran into Cindy, David, and Hunter her were there to enjoy family time before David heads off to race this weekend. As usual, seeing them put a huge smile on my face! The girls and I had a food marathon as we scarfed down our meal in order to make it to the comedy show (late).
The opening comedian was less than amusing. We were all more entertained by the fact that Hal and his Mom were sitting with us than anything else....Katie recognized him and introduced herself which led to everyone shaking his hand like a 12 year old at a Justin Beiber concert. haha
We had some great laughs, most of his material was pop culture referenced and his delivery was times unique, but in a funny bone tickling kind of way. It was a nice way to spend a Thursday, and TG tomorrow IF!

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