Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bringing blooms in

I stopped at Hobby Lobby for a new Cricut blade and accidentally walked out with a basket full of new Easter decor..... Most of it will be for just decorating tables etc. But I did find a few cute nicnakky things too.
The signs of spring have been overwhelming the last four or five days. Our warm temperatures and sunshine have been welcomed by all. It's so exciting to see just how much the plants can grow in twenty-four hours! It's a daily ritual of mine to get home and take a walk all through the front and back yard. I like inspecting the growth, the tulips have shown themselves a little more today, yes the grass looks greener, their are new blades of grass poking through our cut ornamentals, and yes I had to swipe a few bugs from my skin too. :)
Normally I'm a tulip over daffodil person anyway. In fact I could completely do without the little yellow daffs all together, BUT these double blooming cream daffodils? I'm in love with them! So God bless the person who planted them here years ago because we are now enjoying their aroma scattered throughout our rooms. That's one of the coolest parts of living in an older home, the plants surprise me each year. We always find something new that pops up that someone years before us put into the ground. :) Pretty special.

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