Friday, March 25, 2011

Demolition closet!

Came home tonight to Barry demolitioning the closet.....ok not really the doors had already been torn off and the new doors were delivered today by Mr Winke. We got them in place but not installed completely .
We made our way over to the Mullinox's to have taco salad and watch the game. Ava was cute and entertaining as usual. Her personality is soooooo sweet, truly a joy to be around. Jessica had yummy desserts from an Italian bakery I will definitely be trying again.
We played the number one team in the country Ohio State in Newark. It was probably the most stressful game I've watched in a really long time. Josh Harrelson was amazing and had a play where he threw a fastball at Sullingers chest! Hilarious! It was a last second shot by Liggins that one the game. Barry and Justin were jumping and yelling like 2 year old around a piƱata. Its a great win for our team and so exciting to be one game further than we were last year.

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