Sunday, March 6, 2011


Last night we had the neat experience of finally getting to see Karen. They have been in Florida since January, and we have really been missing them. With our new MacBook the camera is built in to the screen and we were able to Skype with her. It was so great to see her face, and we know sshe was excited to see Keightley, (oh and us too!).
We went to church this morning at Broadway Christian, and we are still really liking the new pastor there, Ernie Perry. Afterwards we went to Winchell's to put ourselves into what would soon be a food coma. Barry partaking in the biscuits and gravy while I stuck to the blue and white pancakes, which is perfect considering the CATS were playing their last regular season game today. We went over to Granny and Pepaws to watch the Wildcats take on the Vols. Chris and Christopher were also there to watch. We had a great visit and a nice little cheering section going on in the basement! The cats were able to pull out a win, there second of the season on the road. This is just in time as we enter the SEC tournament this Friday! March Madness here we come!
We had the pleasure of Skyping with Don, who is currently in China for business. He wasn't able to hear us for some reason, but we could hear and see him. It was great knowing he's safe and doing well. He was also excited about the CATS win! :)
Last night we enjoyed our brownies and watched the 2008 foreign film Oscar winner, Departures, which is a Japanese film. It was a truly moving movie. Barry and I were wiping away tears from the films ending and laughing our tears into further movement with Keightley's unusual sleepy antics. :) Even though I had to spend some time working on school stuff it was a truly great weekend with my family.

Mom and Dad kept Elise this weekend, as Katie and Lucas had a getaway to Gatlingburg. They of course enjoyed every moment with her and sent a plethora of cute pics. This is my favorite of them all!

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