Sunday, March 20, 2011

Still working hard

We went to a good service this morning at Broadway Christian.   The rest of our day was spent in the warm weather building up our garden.  
Barry worked really hard to put the bed frames together,  pull out compost,  turn the soil and level it out.  I went on a brick hunt under the ivy to line the lower part of the garden.  We have piles of old brick all around the garage under the ivy.  To me it has so much more character,  but digging for it is scary....feels a little bit like a scene from Indiana Jones.  
We had both gotten showers and had just started to grill burgers when the lights went out in our neighborhood.   We spent the next two hours in candlelight.   It was kind of fun and a good night for it because it was so nice out!  
We are both exhausted from our weekend of working .....goodnight world!

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