Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Foto Reel Friday Week 40

Week 40 brought us tons of joy with this little boy of ours changing and evolving on the daily.  We had lots of family time with the spread of holidays around us which meant Daddy time!  Woohoo!!
Little feet in our bed for some wild rumpus crawling around....Has to make you smile. 
I finally let go of my need for cleanliness with the babe and stripped him down to his diaper for a world class mess fess.  He enjoyed feeding himself bananas and Keightley didn't mind the treat either.  I'd say about 50% of the sticky sweet treat went in his mouth.
We had another snow fall that gave us some ground cover for a day.  The minute the flakes started falling we grabbed the little guys snow suit and ran outside.  Literally enjoying snowflakes that stuck to our nose and eyelashes.  We followed it up with a bit of time by the fire and sipped on hot cocoa. 
We celebrated month 9 and all the milestones we've met along the way. 
We lowered the crib to it's lowest level as the little guy doesn't just want to stand but walk around his crib full time.  
I spent some time watching this sweet little breath of life that warms my soul as he sleeps. 

Henry got to spend a few hours at his Great Grandparents house

I got some rare quality time with my sisters.  All so different but like puzzle pieces of fun when put together. 

We had a mild version of New Years as we headed over to the Edwards for a babies welcome parrrrrtay! We were all gone by 8:30 and didn't even watch the ball drop but I can't think of a better way to ring in a new year. 
An all and all great start to 2013! 

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