Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby Play- fails and wins of late

 Let's start with our fails.  I've been looking up good sensory activities to play with a 9 month old.  Last week we played with a little cooked spaghetti.  This week we tried: 
Activity #1 rice in a big clear container.  We buried a few toys in it and dug in for some excavating.  It lasted 2 minutes before the struggle of trying to keep tiny rice pellets out if his mouth became a battle.  
Enter activity #2  Same concept as the rice but with pasta.  Letting baby feel, pick up, dump as you describe what's happening verbally.  Apparently hard rigatoni is also a delightful treat worth crying over when mommy repeatedly digs it out of your mouth.  On the fun side it did provide a fun surprise when we discovered noodles in his pocket the following day.  Who doesn't need a little pasta pocket with their outfit? 
Both activities I got from my Babycenter App.
This activity arrived on my door step.  Free of charge.  I love getting packages and apparently Henry does too.  We have played with a box once before, so when this bad boy was opened he crawled over to it immediately to explore.  

 Turns out this was the perfect size to sit in. Throw a few stuffed toys and cheerios in the mix and you've never had more fun in your life. 

 When baby tries to eat the box you can distract with
a. more cheerios
b. turn the box into a car and push it all over the house.

What else is fun about playing with a box you ask?  Waking up in the morning to find a box with a squeaky clam and two cheerios inside.  Evidence of fun?  I think so!
We like grabbing items from the kitchen to have a bit of fun too.  Usually to hide balls and cups in but did you know they are also good helmets? 
 Yes we are now thoroughly protected from any falling debris life may throw our way.  :)  Armed with happiness.


  1. Fantastic post and cute pics!! My lil boy will be 9 months and I really needed these ideas. Thanks!

    1. Yay Jacy! Thanks! I'd love to hear how your little one does with them!