Friday, January 4, 2013

9 months of knowing heaven on earth

 Can you believe how big I'm getting? 
 It's almost too much for me to handle sometimes.
 Is this my good side? 
 Or is this my good side? 
 We want YOU for the U.S. Army.

Month nine's pictures proved to be a challenge as he couldn't stop attempting to leap forward from the chair.

Hey guys, my name is Henry and some might say I'm a bit of a ham.  :)

 I had to get creative to keep this wiggle worm in the chair.  I grabbed the first thing in sight to distract him......which made him notice that something was sticking to his belly.

This thing has got to go. 
 Grrrrrrrrrrrr  geeeettttttt off of my onessssssieeeee!
 Well what a sticky son of a gun you are. 
 I think it's time you went for a ride.
 But first let me squish you between my fingers. 
Bon Voyage sticka!
Hmmmmph.  Well if you won't leave me alone then I guess I'll treat you like all other objects.  In the mouth you go!
 I feel much better knowing that sticky mess can't bother me any longer. 

 Oh but this thing looks tasty too!
 Oh you come here you look sooooo Yummy!
 Yes if i could only get a good grip.
 Just hold still.

Oh the life I lead.

Month 9 brought us:
  • Pulling up on some furniture and eventually standing in his crib.
  • Rolling and scooting his way around a room to get what he wants.  The floor is his surf board.
  • Excitement towards toys and curiousity as to how things work. 
  • Cruising around all four sides of his crib which caused us to have to lower the crib again, and at it's lowest point now it looks kinda strange. 
  • Clapping his hands together and throwing them in the air like a celebrity at a Kentucky Basketball game.  Give me a "Y"!
  • Trying to self feed with peas, and bananas.  AKA Keightley got to try new foods too as they hit the floor. 
  • Lack of sleep with teething and knowing how to play mom and dad into holding him all night....Enter Sleep training.  One night of it did wonders.  Now he goes to sleep and pretty much sleeps through the night or self soothes.  This has also changed our nap routine with him going down awake and putting himself to sleep.  :)  Score! 
  • Tooth number 3 & 4 fully emerging on the top front and right side. 
  • Tooth number 5 & 6 peeking through the gums with front left and side tooth. 
  • Moved into some of our 9month clothing although it completely varies the onesie he took this picture in was a bit small but still a 3 month. 

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