Friday, January 11, 2013

Foto Reel Friday-39

Foto Reel Friday
This guy is a total and complete stud.  

 He couldn't love being naked any more if he tried. 
 Sleep has been a pure challenge this week, I'm going to blame it on the three teeth he is currently cutting but who really ever knows. 

He's awakened at 4am every morning this week and naps have been a bit interesting too.  He slept sitting up after fighting a nap for a good 25 minutes in tears....
 Someone is a bit stubborn.
 If that sleeping position wasn't enough........
How bout sitting up and a little fall forward?  
He's truly my little buddy, and lately has enjoyed hanging out in the kitchen and exploring with mommy.  Of course all this new found floor time means I'm having to learn to mop more.  :)
 He really enjoys playing and wrestling around on us.  Especially if it's Daddy jungle gym time.
 It was warm enough this week for a stroll we did.
 Our big boy tried pasta for the first time.  First we have spaghetti proper.
 And then there was spaghetti pasta pit.  Just a little exploration in the kitchen.  He liked watching it wiggle but having it laying on his legs kind of freaked him out. 


 Keightley has become his new buddy with our new found love of putting food anywhere but our mouth.....
 Just throw yo food in the aiirrrr
 Peek a boo through clear plastic containers is a new favorite game. 
 And who wouldn't want to stare at these eyes?

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  1. He keeps getting cuter and cuter :)
    Love the spaghetti pit!