Monday, January 28, 2013

Foto Reel-42

Crawling is apparently the window to curiosity.   Quicker every day he is pointing out all of the crooks and crevices that have intrigued him over the past few months.

 We spent some time on our day off at a local book store, Joseph Beth.  Henry enjoyed looking out the window at the pond and watching the ducks previously only known in pages come to life as they swam across the cold icy water. 
 With a little treat of some Auntie Sarah time he was all smiles.  

Our playgroup got together for some good baby moving times.
We had fun celebrating Lizzie's birthday and seeing friends.
We celebrated moments like this.
 Snowflakes came to visit a window near us and he watched in awe from the comfort of our warm little living room. 
 We can't get enough of nakey baby at bath time....probably never will so get use to these pics.  K?
 A little bug came creeping through our door and hit the little one with a fever that just didn't want to go away for a few days.  So as much as I hate him feeling bad I soaked up the cuddles like a sponge.
 hello monkey butt.

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