Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby Product We Love 3-9 month List

It's time to update you on what we have been using the most with our little bambino.  Since I gave you a look at my Newborns Must Have List we have put some of those goodies away in storage and have found new baby products we love.
Aiden and Anais Burpy Bib
These bad boys are soft, a good size, a soak up a nice amount of spit up when used as a burp cloth.  They have a snap that converts them into a large bib as well.  It drapes over them almost like a barbers cloak which is nice for those ultra messy baby meals.  :)
Once Henry started sleeping on his stomach (around 6 months) we stopped swaddling him like a burrito and began using sleep sacks.  I really like the light weight fabric of the Aiden and Anais sacks
For those colder nights fleece sleep sacks work wonders.  I also like the sacks that zip from the bottom up to their neck, like this one from Swaddle Designs.  Doesn't seem like a big deal until you're in the dark at 2am trying to connect the two zippy parts together while listening to the peaceful lull of a baby screaming in your ear.  ;) 

We have been making all of our baby food by steaming and pureeing foods.  We have two different food storage containers we then use to put the food in the freezer.  I like the Beaba portions for a larger main course of his meal and then use the smaller tray for a baby side item.  They are a bit more expensive but the silicone makes them easy to pop out which is a nice feature for large amounts of food.  For smaller portions and and a cheaper route we like the OXO Tot food freezers.  It looks like an ice cube tray but has a slide on lid and is BPA free.  The food pops out in these easier than the Beaba.   The small portions are also nice to mix with cereals to create flavors like apple cinnamon oatmeal.  If I'm making a large amount of food I need two trays and then some. I like using the combination of both sizes of contatiners for feeding and storage purposes depending on what I'm making.

Speaking of baby food we have enjoyed using our Beaba Babycook to make all of his food.  If I want a really large batch of food I steam and blend with our food processor but I like the ease and quickness of the baby food maker and it really does give us enough to last a while since we portion out different flavors of food throughout the week.   About 4 months into using it we had a part with the grinder go bad.  I called them and couldn't have had an easier time getting a new one sent to our home.  They're a great company to work with.
We couldn't be happier with our Motorola Video Monitor.  We have loved the ability to hear him rustling around in his crib in the middle of the night and simply check the video feed to see if he needs us or is just settling into a new postition.  
The ability to SEE him has become even more essential now that he's mobile. We can easily observe if he has awakened from a nap but is quietly trying to gnaw on the side of the crib like a beaver.  (behavior we try not to encourage)  
We had the 2.8 screen but after our house was robbed we had to replace it and went with the 3.5screen so that we could use the existing camera we have with the video for the ability to have to cameras going in the house.  After having both I suggest spending the extra money for the 3.5.  Not for size but for the fact that you can turn the volume completely down to zero.  If your nursery is right next to your master there is really no need to amplify a crying baby into surround sound.  We also like the pan, tilt and zoom feature and two way communication. 

We have gone through three different bath tubs now.  As an infant we used the PUJ and then moved to our little whale tub that fit in the big bath.  Once he started sitting up we purchased a bath seat at the reccommendation of a friend who has twins and is a bath giving pro.  :) 
We really like the Bath Seat.  It gives him the freedom of sitting in the tub while spashing and playing around but elevates him to make washing him easier.  As wiggly as he is I would imagine trying to bath him in the tub without containing him somehow would be like trying to catch a greased pig.
My favorite way to do a bit of baby wearing is with the Maya Wrap.  We have the Baby Bjorn and had a  Moby Wrap but I find that the Maya is easy to take on and off and he has been comfy in it from the start.  We no longer do forward facing but instead to the side hold.

If I'm going to go for a jaunt around the neighborhood I often use this instead of a stroller to get a bit of extra exercise and to avoid the bumps in the sidewalk.  It has a large zip pocket on the tail which I use to put my phone, keys, or a paci in when going to a store.
We adore going for walks and whether we are at the park or using our stroller at the mall having a caddy like this Jolly Jumper makes reaching your go to items much easier.  We bought ours at Buy Buy Baby but I found it online here cheaper.  This caddy has a zip pocket for keeping your wallet or other goodies inside plus to outside pockets that fit an iphone very nicely.  The two cup holders are key when you are out with the hubs for a little jaunt.  

Speaking of strollers we have the Uppa Baby Vista and love it!  It can convert into a double stroller and we have used the bassinet, car seat attachment, and are now into the stroller seat.
 It also has a nice compartment in the bottom for your diaper bag or dog.  

What baby products have you used that you can't live without? 


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