Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Foto Reel - 41


Week 41 brought more joy than before.  
 We enjoyed some fun time with the Randolph's and experienced a milestone.  Henry decided to go for his first big crawl while playing with Woods and his toy kingdom!  He likes hanging with the big boy. 
 With all those new found crawling skills he tried each day to perfect them moving further and faster than before. 
He enjoyed a little Great Pepaw and Pop love.  He showed off his new crawling and pulling up skills while we watched the Wildcats play ball. 
Daddy can do amazing things like make things fly.  
 He is such a playful little fella and is quite the ham.  He has learned that tilting his head to the side will get some cute looks from mom and dad. 
 He took a warm winter walk with his buddy Lock. 
 He had his 9 month Dr. visit which was the first to not involve shots.  :)  Lots of laughs and giggles here. 
 We had some evening cuddle time for no reason at all.  Which this lil' momma soaked up like a sponge. 
 We found a fine new use for our mixing bowls. 
 And tried on a hat resembling Oscar the Grouch.  :)
 This week he also brought out his dancing shoes.  Just about anytime he hears a tune or a tapping beat you better believe this boy is bouncing in his seat!  Such a bundle of fun!
This guy is awesome.

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