Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tipping our hats to Summer Food and Ripe Mangoes!

Worked on a ton of stuff podcasts tonight for my technology course. I was finally able to hit up Barre Amped for 6:30 class tonight for the first time in over a week! It was so good to be back in action. I love having the shakes!
Barry was working on dinner for us when I headed home. I had told him the ingredients to splice together and he created it to perfection! I had been craving a BBQ quesadilla and this completely hit the spot. Fresh mangoes, avocado, bbq chicken, baby arugala, salsa and cheese. MMmmmmm Tasted like summer!
I didn't get to sew tonight but am hoping to finish up my project on Sunday.

Barry's Granny isn't doing so well right now. So we made the decision tonight to head down to Paducah for a visit tomorrow after school. It will be nice to be in the presence of her sweetness. I know Barry will feel relieved to give her a hug. He has been quite worried about our lil Mallie the past few days. We will be stopping in Louisville first to have dinner with Lindsay and Jodie, and I can't wait to see her adorable little baby bump! Almost TGIF!

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