Monday, May 23, 2011

Loving the Family

Friday and Saturday we had a wonderful visit with Barry's Granny in Paducah. We arrived late Friday night after driving to Louisville to eat dinner with Jodi and Lindsay. Our time with them was wonderful. Lindsay looks absolutely adorable, like the perfect pregnant woman! I can't wait to go to their shower next weekend to celebrate Baby Z!!!!
When we got to the house in Heath, we were surprised to find Annette and Don were still awake. They had a slew of old family photos covering the dining room table as they stretched to remember names and places. It was really neat to see Mallie and Barry's grandfather in their younger years. I have always thought Barry resembled his dad quite a bit, but to see pictures of Don in highschool, college, and in his thirties was utterly creepy!! They are spitting images of eachother, which is not a bad thing these Cooper boys are very handsome men! :)
Saturday morning we went over to the hostpital to see Mallie. She was quite weak, but still toted her usual cute and surprisingly feisty self. We were able to meet Brenda, the caretaker who is with her the majority of the time which made us feel loads of comfort and relief. Brenda is a very warm and caring person who has an obvious affection for Mallie. Granny got up and took two walks with assistance. She even practiced getting in and out of a car. We enjoyed sitting with her, and I know it made Barry feel good to be able to hold her hand and watch her sweet smile.

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