Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm dreaming of a White Spring

And No, I'm not referring to snow or frost. (though I did have to cover all my roses last night from that frosty freeze) We have a rule in our backyard, if you don't bloom white you don't get planted. When we started making flower beds I envisioned a white moon garden, and we are well on our way. Each year I have planted or inherited plants. If they have color they go in the front or side beds, if it's white it goes in the back.
Last year our spring white's were sparse, with summer being the real blooming time. This year we have more to look at. :)
I love how our old dogwood dusts our lawn with white petals. The tulips stand up straight and shout their brightness. The white irises are going crazy! We planted them last year after being given the starts from my granparents Iris bed. They are blooming wonderfully! I plan on extending the bed this year to give them more room to grow next spring.
The lovely little white's in pots were gifts at Easter. Sarah brought me the beautiful lilies which are my favorite fragant flower. Karen brought the lovely hydrangea. It's young but looks healthier than the two I've had in the ground for 2 years! I can't wait to find the perfect spot to plant them in their new home.

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