Thursday, May 26, 2011

Take 5

Take 5 to breathe today.  Enjoy this beautiful day for just a second, don't sit on the couch,
quit looking at the computer, quit thinking about grad school and love life.
"Ok I think I will!"

Troy and Trey played in the district tournament against Dunbar Wednesday night.  I had been working on my final project for one of my classes and really felt overwhelmed but new this might be our first and only chance this season to watch one of their games.  We ventured out into the beautiful evening and arrived to see Troy up to bat hitting in a run.  We saw Mike and Karen cheering on their boys, and to our surprise Mom and Dad were their too! 
The highlight of the night was seeing Troy hit out a 2 hit HomeRUN! To bring in himself AND Trey, who was on the field as a pinch hitter.  What a great memory to see! 
Here is a great  article from the Lexington Herald Leader:

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