Sunday, May 8, 2011

Big Weekend in the Bluegrass

We spent Derby at Elizabeth and Rob's. They through a great party and grilled out some wonderful burgers! We were also celebrating Meredith's 30th birthday, and we met Townes for the first time. Alison and John brought 3 week old Woods and he looks even more like John now than before! So sweet! We all through in on a Derby pool. Barry got #6 Comma to the Top and I drew the #8 Dialed in (which was my favorite). Neither one came in, Animal Kingdom one by a few links.

Today was a beautiful Mother's Day. We woke up and headed down to Somerset and spent a few hours catching up on Mom and Dad's latest trip down to Florida. It was great to see them and be around my beautiful Mother on this day to celebrate her. Sarah came down to visit as well and we all had a nice lunch out on the deck. Unfortunately we missed seeing Katie, Lucas and Elise but I know they had a great time with Mom and Dad too.

We then headed back up to Lexington to spend the rest of the afternoon with Karen and Don. Don grilled out and of course Karen had prepped a couple sides and appetizers. We enjoyed a nice dinner on the deck with Don, Karen, Chris and Kman. After dinner we all relaxed and tried to make room for yummy dessert. Vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries, blueberries, homemade chocolate chips topped with chocolate syrup. MMMmmmmmmmm
What a wonderful day we were given today.
Barry and I are so blessed to have the mother's that we have. I'm so thankful that we have them here with us as we go through this life.


  1. Ditto to Whitney! Love your Derby outfit :)

  2. Gracias!!!! Looks sounded like you gals got festive too!!! :)