Monday, May 16, 2011

Back to Normal

Ah yes! The Cooper house is back to normal! Barry got home on Friday around 5:00, and boy were we happy to see him!
After school I went to Don and Karen's where Karen was keeping Kman. She is so sweet to help out with him whenever we need her to. I know he enjoys being at their house any day, but especially when it saves him from a long day in the crate! I had to head back to school at 5:00 to help out with our Family Picnic night. Our PTA did a great job putting on a wonderful event for the community with blow up bouncy houses, a d.j. and snowcones! It was great to see the kids out and just having fun!

Our beautiful KnockOutRoses are in full swing! I had to cut them back to make a path up to the front porch! Our climbing rose bush is blooming too. We forgot to trim it back in the fall so it has about a million thorny blooms on it. Each light pink flower smells delicious! It's so nice to have vases full of blooms grown in our yard.
Saturday was spotted with rain and Barry spent the morning mowing grass and edging the yard. I woke up and made us waffles with fruit. It was so nice to have Barry back home! I spent the rest of the afternoon working on papers for grad school. YUCK!
We went to the Legends game Saturday night for their Bark in the Park event. We had a blast! Keightley and Jackson were so well behaved! They made some new doggie friends and Jackson was introduced to a new treat....KettleCorn! MMmmm! :) We had a great time and stayed till the 8th inning when it started to rain. We were so glad Toni had told us about it, and I definetely want to bring Kman out for the next one!

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  1. What a fun night with your man, friends, and puppy! I haven't heard of the Louisville Bats doing a Bark in the Park night. That would so fun :)