Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just Planting Around

I couldn't have Ben more happy when I stepped outside yesterday, at almost 80 degrees I felt summer saying hello.

Barry played in a golf scramble with Mac, Tyler, and Omar for the UK Law alumni. They ended up playing 36 holes and enjoyed catching up with eachother!
I decided to get my dig on and put the shovel to the ground. I planted the hydrangea bush and white lily that I got for Easter. We had a huge purple Spiderwart (it's a flower I promise) coming up in our white bed so I dug up the big elephant and split it, making a new home for it by our garage and at the front left corner of our house. I planted two Shasta Daises that Barry's Mom gave me from her yard as well but I think I might move their positioning depending on how tall they get.
In our garden I planted more lettuce, thinned the carrots and planted two tomato plants I'd purchased from Whole Foods recently. Our neighbor behind us gave me two more tomato plants called Brandywine's that he starts from seed every year. They are Heirloom's and he says their some of the sweetest to eat. 8:30 came quickly and I was completely worn out but satisfied. :)
Keightley and I both needed baths after being covered from head to toe in dirt.

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