Thursday, January 28, 2016

16 months of knowing Heaven on Earth - MLEC

The stage of fun has hit in every way imaginable.  She is full of personality and life and is playful as can be.  She likes to be funny and loves to dance.  She now has a preference for listening to HER musical playlist which includes the greats like Dinosaur March, Shaky Egg, and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.    
Coming in right at 20lbs and standing pretty at 31.5 inches tall she is enjoying her latest foods, peanut butter and was able to make messes with her first PJ&J experience.  Peanut butter and organic blueberry jelly is 110% Mallie Lynn approved.
She has entered the parrot phase and though not everyone can understand her language we are catching on to all the words she is beginning to say.  She is strong in syllabic pronunciation and is able to produce words with three phonemes such as hat, hot, pop. cheese, shoes.  In larger words such as purple, Henry, down, turtle, orange, she largely uses beginning and ending phonemes.  She is so proud of her ability to communicate when it happens.     On the other hand she is now getting more frustrated by those frequent moments in a day when we don't know what she means.  This has resulted in a few more yelling, screaming fits than we have seen before.  Of course she is a girl right?  Fun new additions this month have been:
kisses with the mmmmmmmWwwwahhhhhh sound.  
                             saying down when we say up and then moving arms up/down/up/down repeating the words over and over.  
wanting nothing to do with her highchair or any chair for that matter.  Why sit when you can stand and make mommy and daddy nervous while eating?  
when we say "show my 1" she puts up 1 finger.  
When we say "one" she says "two". Counting at it's finest.  
Dancing like it's her job.  hips swaying/ dropping with her knees/ big claps dancing Head Shoulders Knees and toes and touching head and toes.
feeling something that's warm and saying "hot"

Little angel girl has proven her toughness as she tried to take down the padded brick fireplace this week.  Don't worry, it looks worse than she does. 
 Puppy is still her best furry friend.  Camouflage bandana or not. 

Sweet girl you steal the show in so many ways.  We love seeing you shine from the moment you're bedhead lifts from your crib to the moment we rock you to sleep.  Happy 16 months my darling girl, keep on shining.

Biggest Love Always,

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