Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My littlest Valentine's

Our littlest loves fill our life with so much emotion and joy.  I am forever thankful for all the light they bring to our lives.  The affection Mallie Lynn has for Henry is sweet and full of admiration.  He makes her smile and she wants nothing more than to do as he does, and be where he is.  His love for her is a precious sight.  She makes him laugh and causes him to hand out unsolicited compliments of how cute she is.
There are already those times where the true sibling relationship shines through; one annoys the other or plays just a bit to rough for his or her liking.  At least once a day though, they show a true amount of love for one another that just makes this mama's heart melt.  I'm so grateful to be their mother, and I pray they are always great friends.

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