Monday, February 22, 2016

Prince Charming - Henry Thomas of Lextonia

My days with you are flying by faster than ever before.  Your exuberant energy and constant demand for attention makes that whirlwind of life go round and round.  You are maturing in many ways with a lovely sense of humor beyond your years.  Since most of my day is spent chasing our 16 month old princess while throwing football to you with one hand and making muffins with the other I haven't the time to right all your charm onto paper; but you make me laugh often.  
 and I make you laugh too.
Your inquisitive mind has been on a mission lately as you try to figure out the world around you.  I have been amazed to watch the wheels turn when you see a problem and quickly arrive at a solution many adults would stumble to find.  You have also become a great debater, and love to tell me when things "don't make sense" or when you "have a plan" and I always know a good one is coming when I hear you say "well, how about we ___instead? Ok? does that sound good?".   You're a complete prince in every way and love to try and rule your land.  :) 
The imagination and creativity you carry around are the true essence of childhood.  Anything can be a toy, and pirates, stormtroopers, thieves, and bad guys are lurking around every corner.  One hour of play might include a dancing pirate, who gets plundered by a crocodile, and arrested by a policeman for stealing an apple.  The policeman probably wants to sing about his capture so he grabs a microphone and begins showing his talents which usually turns our living room into a praise and worship time at church or half time performance.  Then a baby sister comes up and tries to eat the microphone, resulting in darth vader trying to capture Princess Leah and finding himself in a time out.  
You're teachers say that you're quiet, obedient, observant, and smart.  You talk one on one but never in large groups and prefer to play by yourself.  You do love your school friends and get excited about big days like being star student and getting to join "lunch bunch" with your buddies for an afternoon.
As you grow, so do I.  
I need a little more patience now than I use to and I pray about it often.  My relationship with my redeemer has deepened because of you.  As you learn more about the Bible and ask questions from a pure heart I am challenged to answer and do so in a way you understand.  You usually do, and you love our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.  It's a delight and an encouragement to find that childlike faith for myself.  Please don't stop being you.  Not ever.  
I think I see God's cloud today.
When will I get to go to heaven?
I think we are going to heaven today mama.

What do you mean God loves everyone? Even the bad people?  Even thieves? 
 Yes, Henry even thieves, and we are supposed to love them too so they can learn about Jesus and we can see them in heaven someday too.  They can become our friends.  
Oh, yeah I think I can do that!

God is my father in heaven, wow I have two fathers!
Why doesn't everyone come to bible study with us?  I'm sure glad I get to learn about Jesus.
I think God helped me learn how to do this.  (painting a pretty picture)

When reading the story of Passover, he asked me to read it again and sat there quietly for a moment before saying:
God did that?  Our God?
That will take a person back and let you stare at the core of what you believe.  Being able to share the whole picture of God not just the God is Love, but that he is our redeemer, and the final judge of sin was not something I expected to do until he was a bit older.  I'm happy to have had that chance now.  It reminded me of how God will vindicate His children and relieve all suffering someday.   These conversations with Henry bring it all a little closer to my heart in the most beautiful way.  

When he says "I love you this much mama!" wrapping his arms all the way behind his back.  
I think, I love you till there is no love in this world left.  

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