Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Frosty came to town

Snow day fun means snacking on balls of ice for Mr. Henry and he decided it was about time little sis' had the experience as well.  

The first snows we experienced were the powdery soft kind, but this snow was just right for snowballs and snowmen.  Henry was quite pleased with the creation!  We were lucky enough to have Daddy work from home to help aid in all the heavy snowball lifting.  

I've always wanted to go stay in a snowy cabin somewhere and go snowshoe hiking every day.  I may have found the perfect partner for such an adventure since ML's favorite activity this snow was walking.  She walked in circles, she walked down hills, she walked up hills and delighted in it all.  Her favorite moment hiking spot was the steepest hill she could find; here she would walk up, take a tumble, giggle loudly as she fell down the hill, get back up and go at it again.  
Building the second snow fort of the season we went with a different style of architecture.  The doughnut hut.  

Ice cold doughnut holes (snow balls) are served at the hut daily.  
Though Henry tried to push his little buddy out of his snow fort multiple times she kept coming back for more.  On one occasion when he was moved to tears she did what she does best, show a little love.  She leaned in for a hug and held on tight, and big brother didn't put up a fight about it either.  
There was lots of good family fun that wore everyone out before lunch time even arrived.  

When Henry had all the snowman fun he could handle he decided it was time to say goodbye to his frosted friend.  Giving mother nature a bit of help he took it upon himself to topple the giant ice balls to the ground. 
Which then created the perfect launching pad for his next set of snow adventures.  

Of course little miss decided to try her hand at it.....
Next she'll be jumping off snowmen stacked two high.  
If it's gonna be cold we would sure rather have this fun stuff to play in!  Bring on the snow or bring on spring!!!

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