Friday, March 4, 2016

17 months of knowing heaven on earth - MLEC

I feel like I'm watching  the making of a southern belle with this one.  Like a petite glass of the sweetest tea you've ever poured served with a splash of sour lemon.  She is a charmer, a lover, with a darling sweet soul who delights in the simple.  
She is quick to hug or hand out a kiss, and will wave and smile to anyone.  Yet at the same time, is quick to let ya know when she ain't to happy; and I'm pretty sure she is already practicing how to say bless your heart. 

One of her favorite little delights of late has been her love of animals.  "hoas" (horse), "ki cat"(kitty cat), "pup pup" (puppy) are just a few of her favorite friends.  The most adorable moments come when she reaches her arms out, palms facing the sky and says "hold it", "hold you".   Melt my heart!
This silly little dear devil has discovered how to climb onto our couches and chairs and can be found jumping and running from cushion to cushion until we burst her bubble and tell her no.....(enter screaming princess tantrum).   She is also a fan of twirling around in circles until she makes herself  dizzy enough to fall down, then she repeats.  She can also reach the basement door....gulp.
 Her love of books has grown and she simply can not get enough.  Our pre nap, pre bedtime rituals almost always involve her favorites Knuffle Bunny and Little Blue Truck.   We always smile when she walks over to us, book in hand, and slowly backs into our lap for a read. 
Favorite new words:
“Shuuuuuuit” –shirt
tuck -truck
ahside -outside
suez - shoes
nose, hayah, "nannee", 
nnoooooo (snow)
yes, oh yes, noooooo
hol ju  (hold you)
hold it
brutter (brother)
toas (toast)
nigh nigh
ah luvs ew
JeJu (Jesus)

Favorite new foods.....Can we say chocolate!? Enjoy life chocolate chips, and annies chocolate bunnies, and a daily serving of coconut or almond yogurt. "yogoout".

Sleep has been met with interruptions once more this month.  Sometimes an ear infection, sometimes and sometimes a mysterious need to wake up and party.  As tiring as these days and nights can be, we try to hold onto the cuddles and enjoy this moment in our lives.  Kick that foot out baby girl, make yourself comfortable. 

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