Thursday, March 31, 2016

18 Months of Knowing Heaven on Earth - MLEC

What a serious joy and spice to life you add to our days.

Your independence, determination, and charm have been this months big highlights.
 Demonstrating that she is all girl, this little princess is happy to go get her shoes and admire them on her feet and is becoming opinionated about what outfit she puts on as well.  Almost every time we open the closet to chang she asks for her "hoas" shirt, and is delighted if it's a day she wins.
 This sweet pea is nothing short of precious with her daddy, and as he says "she just instinctually knows how to wrap you around her finger."
 We have been all aboard the food pass train until this month.  Feeling confident and hopeful that you had outgrown all food allergies we tried our hand at soy.  I'm so thankful we started small and didn't go past day 5.  We have seen a large regression in sleep, and at it's worst involved 2 hour wake times in the middle of the night.  We saw icky diapers, and food refusal, which eventually turned into liquid and formula.  We are still struggling to get formula back in your game.  After consulting with Cincinnati GI and allergists we discovered that we need to keep the formula in your diet and increase the we are playing with a junior formula (that so far you won't touch) and hoping you'll gain confidence again soon to take it down again.  For now we keep offering, reluctantly tossing Neocate, and trying to give you as many fatty foods as we can.
 Independence comes in the form of being able to occupy yourself when engaged in an interesting activity.  This could be anything from playing the drums, to putting coins inside a small box and pulling them out again.  Being independent also means that you will scream, throw, and swat if your request to do something solo is met with resistance.  You are often frustrated at the fact we won't let you come down steps, brush your teeth, or drink an open container of liquid by yourself.  (so controlling I know)
Determination can be seen in the way you will walk, run, leap, stretch, or climb anywhere to get what your heart desires.  It is fascinating to see you try, fail, and try again with the same level of gumption every time.  There are many times when the determined portion of your self gets rather angered by obstacles, (mainly parents).  This can lead to screaming, tears, biting of anything you can sink your teeth into and hitting.  I know this part of you will serve you well in life, while causing a headache or two for your parents in the process.  A cute headache, but a headache none the less.
 Charming should have been your middle name.  Whether we are in the grocery, at the park, or taking a walk, you wave and shout a very southern "hi" or "bye" to everyone you see.  You are quick to give out hugs and kisses to others, especially Henry.  Anytime we hear him crying we know your right behind, running up to give him a hug.  You have your own special way of saying "I uvvvvvvv you" that melts our hearts every time.
Things we love to hear lately:
You are in the rapid fire stage of learning and expressing your new found language skills each day.  There are attempts and successes to use new words each day.

stretching arms out towards the person or animal you want and saying "hold jyou"
this almost always see this at dinner where you turn your head to the side, purse lips, and
sweetly saying "hold jyou" repeatedly until your wish is granted....which usually doesn't take too long.  "hold me"

holding arms up in the air and shrugging your shoulders while saying "Go?"  You really like to ask this question with "Heenny" in front of it when you go somewhere without him.  Sweetest thing.

"hold jyou puppy"
"wapple" (waffle)
"hep peas" (help please) when wanting assistance  eating or wanting up or down from something.
"buckle" (buckle), and you like to help out in your car seat
"puppy dog"
"papi" (paci)
"tuck" (truck)
"coos coos" (blues clues)
"hug you"
"gan" (Gran)
"khaki" (Cappy)
"seeng" (swing)
"mouf" (mouth)
"see it"
"bubble pop"
pointing to a heart and saying "hauwt"
"ty it" (try it) *which can become a battle when it involves food you aren't able to eat.
"touch it"
"cocky" (coffee)
When asked any question you love to tell us "no"...I'm sure we will continue that from now until 35.

You are an absolute spit fire.  Born with a heart of gold and desire to rule the world.  We will continue to be wrapped up in you're loving, joyful ways for all time.  Love you bushels sweet girl!

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