Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Living in a snowglobe.

The long awaited first snow fall finally came, and I couldn't have been more pleased waking up to this postcard view.  

After breakfast we spent two hours putting on all our snow gear......and ventured out into the white stuff.  This was Mallie Lynn's first real snow experience since she was just a little baby peanut during last year's snowpocalypse.  There were moments of trying to figure out what was going on, 
why can't I move my arms? //  why am I so cold?  //  do I like this? 

But then she saw how much fun her brother was having.....

So she thought she'd give it a chance.  With Henry right behind her shouting "Weeeeeeeeee" they set off for their first sleigh ride of the season. 

and she decided maybe this stuff wasn't so bad after all, and began to wonder if it had the potential to be fun....
Henry enjoyed hunting for bad guys footprints in the snow and making snow angels on his belly so he could eat the snow while he created.  

and solo sledding quickly became her thing.
We took a big walk sledding down the sidewalk to visit Gran and Pops while listening to our feet crunch the snow and Mallie Lynn make noises of joy. 
Of course we enjoyed coming in for hot chocolate with whopping marshmallows.  

and then two days later we watched with delight in our eyes as 8 more inches of magic turned our world into a snowglobe. 
Our sweet snow princess felt a little differently about knee high, fast flying flakes. 
It was a day for memory making, and anytime you can live out snowflakes that stay on your nose and eyelashes, you know it's a good thing.

 We dug out a fun snow fort and made it bigger and bigger till Henry had his own little igloo to fully lay down in. 
The next morning we took inventory of all the beauty God had left for us overnight.  Mallie Lynn loved looking out at it all and shouting "nnnoooooooow!"
We suited up and took a walk out into the deep and made our way to the park.  The walk there, the sledding, and swinging were so darn fun!  ML couldn't walk at all in the deep snow but was in her happy place swinging for as long as we would keep her there. 
 Henry made his first ride on a sled by himself, repeatedly going down the hill on his own and even racing mommy and daddy.  On our way back home I trudged through the tundra pulling our little man with a spill or two along the way.  Each time he would giggle, I would giggle, and end up in a laugh that made it hard to move for a second. 
So I got my snow.  I've been a happy happy girl, staying in, cooking soup, making fudge, starting a fire while sipping some Ky bourbon over snow, making hot chocolate and memories with my family.  2016 I like you! 

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