Thursday, January 21, 2016

Making memories to keep us warm.

We made our annual trip down to western Kentucky to visit Barry's family for the holidays.  This year was a bit different being the first time we had ever visited since the passing of Don's mother Mallie.  The Dunn/Edwards family Christmas party is held in January, which shows just how accommodating and thoughtful they are.  Understanding that the month of December is insanely busy for everyone they choose instead to gather as a family to celebrate.  
I enjoyed every moment of our family filled weekend.  The kiddos did great on the drive down and back as we indulged in a little extra screen time, snacks, and GULP fast food!   
From the moment we walked in the door of Memaw and Papaw's home time stood still.  Visiting here always reminds me of simpler times as I watched the pages of a phonebook flip through Memaw's fingertips while she looked up the number for a local barbecue joint, and our kiddos played with toys that there Daddy use to enjoy as a child.  

 If you know Karen, you know she is about the sweetest person you could ever meet and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 

Memaw can always be found working hard with recipes, cooking utensils, and a kitchen all so familiar with each other that they effortlessly create edible memories every time.  You'll find no luxury appliances, every last dish is washed by hand, making even the simplest of meals a little display of love and affection. 

Henry was excited as could be to spend time at this house.  More than anything this boy just wants to be around family so a weekend spent lying on couches talking, watching basketball, running around and playing was just perfect in his eyes, and ours too.  

An afternoon talking, or sitting in silence while a paper's read and hot tea is drank is a simple kind of perfection that many of us have forgotten how to enjoy.  In a society where just being still is a lost art, this home is full of treasures.  I attempted to soak up those moments of relaxation and bring back a gentle reminder to stop every once in a while. 
With the busyness of life and the eventful year we had figuring out all that had been bothering Mallie Lynn, it had been over a year since we had been down for a visit.  A few family members including Memaw and Papaw had met Mallie Lynn but once when she was three days old.  Having the chance to share her sweet soul with her great grandparents was such a treat.  Her instincts set in as she immediately knew this was family and began smiling, doting, lying her head on, giving hugs, and passing out kisses.  Papaw is a strong, reserved, quiet and witty man who is full of love but not overly showy with outward displays of affection.  Mallie Lynn quickly took to charming his socks off and had him melting in no time as he lovingly called her a "real dandy"; something I use to love hearing him say about sweet baby Henry too.  
Saturday night we gathered with aunts, uncles, and cousins over home cooked delights while we caught up with one another.  At this stage in our life Henry is old enough to tag along with the big kids, so we barely saw his body blurring past us as he ran to his next game of hide and seek all night.  Mallie Lynn enjoyed finding a friend her age to run around and laugh with too. 

 A wonderful blessing of a trip, filled with memories.  Topping it all off with bed snuggles and my favorite people staying in the same room together two nights in a row, well that's a winning weekend in my book.

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