Saturday, January 16, 2016

15 months of knowing heaven on earth - Mallie Lynn

What an absolute delight this girl is!  We celebrated a wonderful 15 months on Christmas Day, and can't believe what spunk this girl has!  She is a cuddly little love bug, wrapped in sass, with a topping of gumption, love, and smarts!  

Life makes her happy.  She wakes up smiling and ready to greet the day.  She is happy to reach give a hug or lean in on someone especially her brother.  Constantly busy, we have seen how different her interests and personality are from Henry's.  The act of manipulating an object open, shut, on, off, pushing buttons, pulling levers, putting objects into holes, stacking blocks, taking lids off and putting them back on are some of her favorite activities.  Of course she follows Henry anywhere (whether it is received well or not) and mimics driving cars and shooting hoops.

She has been a champion of teething lately, gaining all but one of her teeth other than 2yr old molers. Getting 4 teeth at a time can also have an effect on your appetite but now that his past that we are living with an eating machine.
She adores animals and especially puppy's and horses.  She has recently started saying "Hoooawse"(horse), and will happily "arf arf" at the sight of any dog.  She can be heard saying the sweetest version of "boooottle", "Henwy", "Pop", "Nannaa" (Nanny), and "shoooezzz".  For quite sometime now her little finger could be found pointing to the moon anytime she spotted it in the sky, but now it is also accompanied by an angelic sound of "mooooown".  When she sees a cow we are guaranteed to hear a "MMOOOOOO" soon after which is ironic since that's also one of her many nicknames.
Moo Moo
Moo Muffin
all of them mean the same thing....Our sweet little Mallie Lynn

She loves playing with stickers, drawing, especially with markers so she can put the cap on and take it off, listening to music and shaking instruments and running circles around the house with Henry.
 This sweet little gal loves to boogie to Michael Jackson's rockin' robin, ABC, but her current jam is the Dinosaur March.  On Tuesday and Thursday mornings when Henry is at school she likes to dominate the playlist.  Our time is usually spent with this tune on repeat and marching feet moving.
 We are the dinosaurs marching, marching.  We are the dinosaurs, WHAT DO YA THINK OF THAT?!

 We are the dinosaurs marching, marching. We are the dinosaurs, we make the earth flat, we make the earth flat!
We stop and eat our food, when we're in the mood.  We stop and eat our food at the end of the day. 

Her other favorite activities at the moment are carrying around animals and rock a bye babying in her mamas childhood rocking chair.  

 Darling daughter of ours we love you so!  Thanks for making our days a bit brighter!
 Love, mommy!

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