Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas Eve Eve & Eve 2016

 A house is never more cozy and beautiful than it is at Christmas.  The happy hearts, excited children, and presents I had been dying to give made me wish I could ask Santa for just a few more days to lock my family in our house and enjoy it all.
 We traveled to Somerset to see my parents and sisters the day before Christmas Eve.  It was a visit filled with traditions and memories we all loved.

There's something about going home at Christmas; the decorations you grew up with, music, food, and smells that are all too wonderfully familiar.  Watching my precious children play with their Nanny and Pop and enjoy the same type of fun I did as a kid is priceless.  
 Nanny sure knows Henry's love language.

Barry, Dad, and I continued our 7th annual bourbon tasting,  Woodford Double Oaked wins in my book.
 Cousins, sisters, cookies, food, laughs, presents, and catching up with my parents with late night conversation all filled our 24 hrs at home.  Then it was off to Lexington for the Miller Family Christmas Eve party.  
It felt so strange to be celebrating outside in 60 degree weather, and although I would much prefer snow it was nice to be outside watching basketball and porch sitting for a bit.  No matter how rushed the season, no matter what life has going on it always feels like Christmas perfection at this party.  My big loving family all gathered under the same roof makes me feel all warm and gooey inside.  It's a night I never like to see end.  

and after a night of so much fun with our family we were able to muster up enough energy to choose a few snacks for our Santa plate.  Henry wanted to make sure there were 9 carrots so each reindeer had their own.  Christmas Eve magic and the anticipation of all glorious wonder the morning brings felt more wonderful than every this year.

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