Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Santa Sighting

One sunny and magical day we stepped foot into a stable, checked out some animals and a nativity scene and waited to see that kind old soul known as Santa.  Henry waited patiently asking "where is Santa?" "When do we see Santa?"  every few minutes until we caught a glimpse of that flashy red suit and all excitement was doused in gasoline.  I on the other hand sat in anticipation wondering if I would get that perfect moment captured with three festive smiles or screams and tears.  
Mallie Lynn waited; an unsuspecting victim of the Santa Claus scare staring happily at the livestock.  
 Then the magical moment our little guy had been waiting for arrived.  The chance to speak to the big man, to tell him how much he wanted a horn.  

 Now to try and squeeze in the little sis for a perfect sibling photo.  Santa could see by the way she carried herself she would not be an easy target.  Yes, this one calls for the sneak attack.
 Oh she's onto you Santa.  
 Not happening you jolly old elf.  
 That's alright you made one out of two completely thrilled.  When asked about favorite moments from the Christmas season meeting Santa was at the top.  Of course in Henry's words he "GOT TO TOUCH HIS PANTS!!!!!!  WITH MY LEFT KNEE!!!!!!"  So ya know that made it one memorable holiday moment.  
 He may never wash that knee again.  

 Luckily this festive spot involved a bit of marshmallow roasting and running through Christmas trees for little legs and feet.  
Upon pondering the days events I'm going to call it a success.  a Jolly good success.  

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