Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christmas all wrapped up.

 It was excitement, surprise, wonderment and happiness this year as we celebrated the birth of our savior.  My heart felt more full than, though the season of Christmas is always busy and rushed, but the blessings felt on this day were overwhelming.  
 ahhhh the emotions found in the game of golf.  
She!  Opening presents can wear a girl out!
After a sweet and fast morning opening gifts, having breakfast, and doing a little bit of play we got ourselves ready to head down to the Cooper Christmas party.  Hot cider, delicious bites, belly laughs and lots of kid watching made it a wonderful evening to cap off a wonderful holiday season.  

There was dancing, dining, and great conversation as we enjoyed this blessing of a family we have been given. 
This year's Cooper Christmas seemed to have a theme that was from a galaxy far far away.  Kids and adults alike were in a deliriously happy kind of place and enjoyed all the fun and laughter that life has brought us this year.

Until next year we will keep these memories tucked in our hearts and be fully thankful for all we were given this year.  

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  1. Henry and that trumpet is the cutest thing ever!