Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Wreath Tutorial a Pinterest Fix

   A few years ago I found this gem on Pinterest and decided to create my own. 
 I posted my pride and joy happily on the blog here. 
It looked good for my first wreath attempt and I would have been fine with it if it hadn't started falling apart.  I originally secured the reindeer moss and pumpkins to a grapevive wreath using hot glue, as the tutorial had suggested.
However, the heat of the sun + black front door = wreath sauna
 The hot glue and all that it touched to literally drip right off the wreath.  One day I came home from work to find a pumpkin on the ground that had re-hotglued itself to the floor with the heat of the sun. Not the look I was going for.  On top of the glue, every time I opened our shut the door the reindeer moss would shed on the floor, and I don't know about you but I don't really need another reason to have to clean my floor.  So away it went, into the attic for the past two years.  Until I started wanting a new fall wreath this year and decided to "reinvent" what I already had. 
To fix the wreath I took the pumpkins off the wreath and reattached them using craft wire.  I threaded it through the bottom of the pumpkin and then wrapped it around the back of the grapevine to hold it securely.  I then add hot glue to the bottom of each pumpkin for some extra security. 
I then took a leftover yard and a half of brown tulle and cut it into 6in strips and tied them together.  I wrapped the reindeer moss in one/two layers of the tulle so that the moss would stay in place.  I think that it works well for it's purpose and is shear enough that it still has a very natural look to it.
Yeah, I know.  I'm real concerned with a natural look here considering I used gold glitter dusted pumpkins.  :)
 I then moved the wooden C from the middle of the wreath and attached it to the bottom with hot glue.  I replaced the ribbon with a paisley rust ribbon to add a little more color.  
I am super pleased with the results and am ready for the fall weather to come accompany my new and improved front door wreath. 

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