Friday, October 18, 2013

FotoReel Friday - High Five Style

This week my FotoReel Friday is going to be linking up with High Five For Friday.
It's a little difficult to narrow down my top five moments of the week but I like the simplicity in it.

1. Seeing the serious delight in the little man's eyes as he shared a special moment with his great Papaw.  He has been obsessed with all big trucks lately, if you remember my post on our construction site visit.  So getting to turn the wheel, watch the smoke come out of the pipe, and actually pull the lever that lifts a bucket up and down.......Heaven for our sweet boy. 

2. Dressing Henry up in his Halloween costume for our monthly playgroup get together.  There really aren't many things cuter than kids.....until you put costumes on them.  A D O R A B L E. 
 3. Moments of being big.  When Mr. independent finds a new activity he wants to try out and succeeds it's a proud moment.  For all of us.  It's also possible that a little piece of my mommy heart cries on the inside knowing he's grown up just a little bit more that day. 
4.  Enjoying some hood up, puddle splashing in the rain with this guy.  He is so good at reminding me what living is all about. 
 5. Choices.  Lately I've been giving Henry choices which he takes great pleasure, and time in utilizing.  Do you want a green or red apple? Do you want peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese? 
So given the chance to choose shoes I was surprised to see him pull out a pair of dapper little loafers to go with his outfit instead of his usual go to pirate moccs.  This kid has style.  Mommy made her own choice too when I got to finally wear my new hat.  Don't ya love it when that one piece you've been searching for waves to you from across the store? 


  1. Too cute! Also at what age did you give him PB&J?

    1. Lol probably at 13-14 months. He loves it. Without that or grilled cheese I'm not sure what our lunch would be! :)