Monday, October 28, 2013

Monnogrammed Pumpkin Planter

 A few years ago I had seen the bright idea of using pumpkins as planters for fall flowers.  I quickly grabbed three pumpkins, hollowed them out and placed mums inside.  They looked great for about 4 days and then the pumpkins began filling up with water, and rotting because I had never created drain holes.  So I grabbed three more pumpkins, created drain holes and repotted.  However they began rotting again quite quickly.  Just like a carved pumpkin their lives were short lived.  So I abandoned the idea until now. 
 Using a fake carving pumpkin I made a cute little spot to sit my mums for the fall season. 

Then grab your resident cutie pie and use this nice little spot for an impromptu photoshoot. 
"Heavy!"  he said
Happy Pumpkin Planting! 

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